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Welcome to the TOPSŪ Bouquet website, the members of our States are a beautiful bouquet of lovely TOPSŪ & KOPSŪ flowers!  


TOPSŪ (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) has chapters everywhere!  All 50 States, Canada & beyond!  Here you will find just 9 of those States, with the most wonderful TOPSŪ members!!  Just click on one of the above to find out all the amazing things TOPSŪ is doing in that State!

If you are looking for caring support, healthy and loads of fun locate a local chapter!  If you are already a member of one of the many wonderful chapters that TOPSŪ has to offer - this will be a great place to find out what others are doing, State and Area events, news and information and tons of for your chapter!

About TOPSŪ Club, Inc.

TOPSŪ (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) is a non-profit, non-commercial weight loss support organization with chapters all across the United States and Canada. TOPSŪ members are dedicated to helping each other lose weight safely and take off pounds sensibly. 

Each chapter is as unique as the individuals in it. We provide the support, encouragement and educational opportunities you need to make healthy, permanent lifestyle changes. Fellow members are there for you not just during your meeting, but anytime. Cards, calls, and a reassuring hand of friendship are extended to you whenever you need them.

If you are overweight and want weight loss support and tips on healthy living, TOPSŪ is the place for you.  You can locate a chapter near you by visiting the TOPSŪ website at

Disclaimer: This is an un-official TOPS site and is not monitored or endorsed in any way by TOPS CLUB, Inc.



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